- our mare April gave birth to the palomino coltfoal Markyz Permonik, also by the same Sire Eiger Moonshine.

- born buckskin coltfoal Marshall Permonik to our mare Rozmarynka. He's by stallion Eiger Moonshine.

21. 6. 2019
- stud book registration Vráž - Rozmarýnka - 8,5 points PK

- stud book registration Kadov - Permonik Applause - 7,63 points HPK

23. 12. 2018
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans Merry Christmas and happy and successful new year 2019!

- we brought a bay filly Rozmarýnka from Zoo Ohrada.

- Two fillyfoals were born in 2018. Bermar Trinity gave birth to skewbald Permonik Tricki Woo by Kerswell Schnapps and a month later dun Permonik Able from Ysguborfawr April by sire Halstock Kieran was born. Both foals will have passport issued in Great Britain.

21. 12. 2017
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans happy and successful new year 2018!

- National Shetland Pony Championship Pardubice. Our Permonik Candy - Black - sire Kerswell Schnapps - dam Athelney Coco placed first in the three-year-old mini type class and became Champion of 3-year-old fillies minishetland 2017.

- Our Permonik Applause - palomino - sire Eiger Izzard - dam Ysguborfawr April was second in yearling pony class.

- Part of this event was the Shetland pony mares registration. Permonik Candy was recorded to the main Czech stud book there.

- black coltfoal Permonik Gypsy was born. Sire Halstock Gobstopper, dam Myreton Daffodil.

- Czech TV filmed our ponies with children for the TELEFON TV show. There were also my granddaughter Kamila and Natalka and their JRT Meggie.

- New addition to our stud. Stallion Halstock Kieran

- We have got british passports for our 2016 foals. So the foals, bay colt Permonik Ivanhoe and chestnut filly Permonik Diamond, are for sale! Foals are wormed, vaccinated and have their feet trimmed! Photos you can find on our website Permonik - foals 2016

30. 12. 2016
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans happy and successful new year 2017!

- SHP National Championship Pardubice. Judge Mrs. Joy Barugh, Birchmoor Stud GB. Unfortunately we could not bring our entered mares to Pardubice due to a technical fault in the trailer and we went there only as spectators. Great pleasure for us was a five-year old roan stallion from our breeding Gádžo Permoník (Halstock Gobstopper and Myreton Daffodil), who was shown there. He is owned by Mrs. L. Ondrejova. Gádžo won the senior championship and became the champion of the mini type category. He was also chosen as the best Czech bred shetland in the competition for the K. and A. Scott Cup and at the end of the whole show (mini and standard) he was awarded the title of National Champion 2016 !!!

19.a 20.7.2016
Mrs. Renata Markova with her daughter Karolína came to us and together we visited Mrs. M. Prokůpková's, Dita Kunova's and Lucka Kočovská's studs. It was such an event "SHP foals 2016". Excellent experience and appreciation of the offspring of shetland sires. Renata made very pretty picture of Permonik Candy, two years old. Sire - Kerswell Schnapps, dam - Athelney Coco.

On Thursday June 9th 2016, both ladies from Viklan Kadov stud visited us. Lucka shot many beautiful photos of our foals by her stallion Eiger Izzard.
More photos in fotogallery!

Today, our last this years foal was born, little chestnut filly Permonik Diamond. She is by Eiger Izzard and from dam Myreton Daffodil.

1. 5. 2016
On Sunday, May 1st visited us Mrs. Marie Prokůpková and she made a lot of beautiful pictures of our foals and other horses. Spotted pony in the picture is her minihorse filly Indy (2014), which we have borrowed as a companion for our Permonik Candy (2014).

our mare Bermar Trinity foaled bay colt foal Permonik Ivanhoe by stallion Eiger Izzard.

a filly foal was born to our mare Ysguborfawr April today - palomino by stallion Eiger Izzard. She's got a name Permonik Applause.

30. 12. 2015
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans happy and successful new year 2016!

On 20th September 2015 was held XI. National Shetland pony Championship in Lysa nad Labem. For our stud Permonik Aristocratt owned by Mrs. Petra Březinová joined the junior class and ranked third.
In stallion and gelding class three years old and older two representatives of our stud met. Gádžo Permoník owned by Mrs. L. Ondřejová finished second in the class with the title reserve champion of the mini category. And Locksley Permoník owned by Mrs. Jane Vrkoslavové, who was third.
Gadžo Permoník also won the Aslan stud Breeders Cup and the trophy of Anne and Kenn Scott. The placement of our homebreds made us very happy!

In September 2015, little Maruska from neighbors was here to look at the ponies. She made good friends with them, mostly with small Permonik Candy and Myreton Daffodil.

Renata Markova and her daughter Karolina visited Vraz. Even though it was insufficient time, Renata did some pictures here, for what I thank very much!

Eiger Izzard Eiger Izzard Eiger Izzard 3. 5. 2015
Today we brought a colt Eiger Izzard from Mrs. Lucka Kocovska. It's a beautiful chestnut colt with superb bloodlines "fitting" well to our mares. It's 83 cm height minishetland imported from the UK. He has the British and Czech stallion license for breeding Shetland ponies. Izzard was loaned to our stud for this year's breeding season and is also available to other breeders interested in covering.

16. 1. 2015
Lucka Kočovská, Viklan Kadov stud, came to us. It was a beautiful, sunny weather and a beside to nicely spent day we have lots of beautiful photos of our ponies from Lucka.
More photos in gallery!

filly Permonik Candy, 8 months surely the only one in Czech Republic grazing mares April and Daffodil 10. 1. 2015
photo: Kamila Skalická

29. 12. 2014
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans happy and successful new year 2015!

Romi Trinity Trinity October 2014
My granddaughter Kamila is training with a friend

23. 8. 2014
Breeders day in the National stud Písek. Decorating horses who placed high on the "Most beautiful horse of CR 2014" poll. The colt from our breeding Locksley Permoník got there a second place. Congratulations to him and his owner Jana Vrkoslavova and wish them a lot of other breeding success!

August 2014
Holiday visit of granddaughters Natalka and Kamilka!

4. 6. 2014
was born black filly Permonik Candy. Dam is our Athelney Coco and sire Kerswell Schnapps. Both imported from GB. Candy will also be registered in GB.

17. 5. 2014
birth of skewbald colt Permonik Storry. His dam is Myreton Daffodil and his sire Kerswell Schnapps. He will be registered in a UK studbook and will have the original British passport.

11. 4. 2014
Today was shetland pony stallions rating in Kadov. Our stud performed a homebred three years old colt Gadžo Permoník. He presented very nicely and is licensed for Shetland pony breeding in the Czech Republic with 8 points. He is 82 cm height. After processing the papers he will probably be offered for sale.

16. 3. 2014
New orientation sign hanging on our house. The painting is the work of our friend, Mrs. Tana Brukova.

8. 1. 2014
Lucka Kočovská - stud Viklan Kadov - stopped here. She took many beautiful photos of our ponies.
Other photos in the gallery section!

23. 12. 2013
Permoník stud wishes to all our fans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

15. 11. 2013
We were visited by Mrs. Renata Markova from the renown Moravian stud Markes and she took pictures of our ponies. She is the author of all new photographs.

8. 10. 2013
Our stud has a new addition. From the ZOO - Ohrada - Hluboká nad Vltavou, we brought this year's small bay filly Rasty. She is the full sister of our Romi by Chew Valley Sonny from Rietje V.T. Hongerveld..

Gádžo Permoník Gádžo Permoník Gádžo Permoník Locksley Permoník Locksley Permoník 22. 9. 2013
We participated in the National Shetland pony Championship in Lysa nad Labem. The show was judged by Mrs Lara Stevens from UK - the Catchpool Stud - Wales. In a young pony 1-2 yo class we had two-year old colt Gádžo Permoník (Halstock Gobstopper - Myreton Daffodil). Our young little grey performed very well and won his class. In the Minishetland championship he won "Reserve Champion" to his former stablemate, five-year old chestnut Locksley Permoník owned by Mrs. Jana Vrkoslavová, who won all titles he could at this show. He became a "National shetland pony Champion", won the "Kennet and Anne Scotts Cup" (the best Czech breeding) and finally he was awarded the title of "Supreme Champion" (Champion of the show). We are very happy with the success of both our homebreds!!

23. 4. 2013
Birth of tiny skewbald filly PERMONIK Aristocratt. She is from Ysguborfawr April and by Kerswell Schnapps. Aristocratt will be registered in the studbook in Great Britain and will get original British pedigree.

28. 2. 2013
visited us Lucie Kočovská - Vilkan stud - Kadov and made ​​a lot of nice pictures of our ponies. See web - Permoník.

20. 1. 2013
today came my granddaughters Kamila and Natálka. They liked ponies very much!

1. 1. 2013

8. 9. 2012
VIII. National Shetland pony Championship and British native pony breeds Show PARDUBICE
The show was judged by Mr. Ken Scott, Kerryston Stud, Scotland. After a two-year break we took our grey stallion Halstock Gobstopper. He again did not disappoint us and proved his quality! He has won stallions and geldings three years old and older class, championship of the category and became mini Shetland pony Champion. In the National Championship of the Czech Republic (all shetland ponies, standard and mini), won the title of Czech Senior reserve Champion and All around reserve Champion.
A bonus for our Permonik stud was Anne and Kenneth Scott trophy, for the best Czech bred Shetland. It won the licented stallion Locksley Permonik, owned by Mrs. Jana Vrkoslavova, who also received the title Reserve champion of the mini Shetland category.
Photos by Mrs. Marie Prokupkova.

2. - 4. 8. 2012
I visited Holland along with my several friends from the SHP club, there was held International Shetland pony Show in Ermelo to occasion of the 75th anniversary of the stud book.

14. 7. 2012
Today was sold our colt Scotty Permoník.

26. 5. 2012
our stallion Scotty Permoník is leaving to Moravia, to the breeding station in Zubří. There he will be at stud until the end of the breeding season.

21. 04. 2012
Today, in the early evening little filly Daisy Permoník was born (by Halstock Gobstopper and from our mare Myreton Daffodil). She has a very interesting color. She is golden dun roan and probably will turn grey.

14. 4. 2012
We went with our young colt Scotty Permoník to stallions grading in Litohošt. He placed there as 1st from the six minishetland stallions. Commission rated him with 7.5 points and he is now graded for breeding Shetland ponies in the country.
Scotty is offered for sale!

17. 12. 2011
Stallion Grandios Permoník leaves for his new home. We wish him and his new owner good luck!

3. 12. 2011
Sale of our filly Andante Permoník and her journey to the Viklan stud, to Lucka Kočovská.

26. 11. 2011
Today came to our stud new additions from Great Britain in the form of two Shetland ponies - the stallion Kerswell Schnapps and mare Athelney Coco. We are very happy with them and we would like thank very much to Mrs. Jane Dennis - Kerswell stud and Mrs. Sue Houwie - stud Athelney. Thanks goes also to carriers from Great Britain, John Parker. They brought the ponies in perfect state from Exeter in Devon to us.

3. 9. 2011
At the end of this season we took place in National Shetland pony Show in Pardubice. In a class of young ponies - two years old minies – we had filly, Mystery Permoník, which is now owned by Mr. R. Synek. Mystery presented very well and won her class, became Champion of category and shetland pony youngstock champion. She brought home for her owner three beautiful cups and flot. This time we had a representative in standard Shetland. In a class of young ponies - two years old, had her premiere our filly, Andante Permoník. It was her first ever show and she placed in a nice third place and was decorated with a beautiful rosette. The judge was Mrs. Carolyn M. C. Pleass, Transy Stud, Great Britain.

25. 6. 2011
Today we attended small horses show in the area of Konopiště Chateau. Grandios Permoník - was the first in SHP mini stallions class and got the title of reserve champion minishetland. Mystery Permoník - won the junior class mini. Royal Jewel Permoník - was class winner in mini mares and won the title of Champion.

Grandios Permoník Mystery Permoník Royal Jewel Permoník

16. 6. 2011
So again we have a new addition. We brought yearling filly ROMI, bay, from the Zoo - Ohrada Hluboká.

2. 6. 2011
Today went Mystery Permoník to her new home. Her new owners love her and she has exemplary care there.

27. 4. 2011
In our stud was born the new foal. Ysguborfawr April foaled little colt. He is blue roan and his name is General Major Permoník.

17. 04. 2011
Before midnight, our Chew Valley Iris foaled. It's a girl and got the name of Isca Permoník. Will be grey. Now is with her ​​mother in the birthing box and goes out only to walk. Once her "navel" dries, she will go into the herd to other ponies.

8. 4. 2011
Shetland pony stallions licentation in Kadov
There was also attended stallion Prince Permonik from our our breed. Three year old chestnut colt from Marcha v. d. Hegelsom by Pico, owned by Mrs. M. Novakova. He succeeded very well. He was on 2-3th place within the seven stallions with 7.6 points and was included to the Shetland pony breeding in the Czech Republic.

02. 04. 2011
On 29th March 2011, foaled our Myreton Daffodil her first foal. It is a small coltfoal and his name is Gádžo Permoník. He will be grey and is very lively. Both, mother and foal are OK!