Who are actually the Permoníci?

I think we would call them knockers. According to the mining legends they are spirits of rocks, rock pixies, subjects of the powerful Permon, the monarch of the underground empire situated in the ore shafts. They look like other elves known from fairy tales. They have a small but symmetrical figure. They have similar clothing as miners used to have in ancient times. Shoes with wooden soles, a mining blouse with a wide collar and a piece of leather tied around the hips. The permoníci have a pointed hood on their heads, by the help of which they can do themselves invisible, whenever they want. It is sufficient to pull the hood over his face and permoník disappear. He sees everything, he hears everything but he is invisible for the human eye. And just as the miners in those early days, each permoník wears, hung on his thumb, a miner's lamp full of magic oil, which will never burn out. Permoníci are very lively and brush the hidden treasures, manage fractured rocks and pave the way for underground tunnels. When a permoník knocks on a rock by his silver hammer, the rock before him obediently opens. And when the permoník passes the rock, the rock will close again behind him.

And if permoníci are good or evil? They are mainly fair!

I was interested by this rumor, when I had to decide the prefix for our stud, which is engaged in breeding of Shetland ponies of the type standard and mini. Shetland ponies are small, very strong ponies with a good-natured character. They were used especially in Great Britain but in other countries, too, for labour in mines for very many years. At this time they are bred two types of them, the type standard up to 106 cm in the UK and up to 107 cm in the Czech republic and in some neighbour countries and the type mini with the withers height up to 86 cm in the UK and up to 87 cm in the above mentioned countries. On the other side, both of these types belong to one and the same race - Shetland pony and for this reason they both must have the typical characters of this race:

  • Robust body with small, in the neck bride head with small ears.
  • The eyes must be big, as much as possible dark with a wide expression - not bulging!
  • The neck bride and short wit an expressive withers.
  • The spine and shoulders firm with passing into rear part with a bigger fall.
  • The chest bride and profound.
  • The extremities should be strong and the poise straight.
  • The action productive and spacious.
  • Rich mane and tail.
  • The character should be calm and peaceable.

There are individuals in both these types, which have a lighter skeleton and feet - sportsmanlike - and stronger, more robust shetland ponies, which resemble more cold-blood horses - original.

Many breeders keep standard and mini types together and bring them to exhibition, where there are judged together, without any preference to one of them. The practise of pairing allows the combination of mini, standard, sportsmanlike and original all together. For this reason we can see a considerable variability in many studs.

We are members of the Club of the Shetland Pony Breeders in Great Britain (The Shetland Pony Stud - Book Society) and draw on the knowledge and experience just from the land of the origins. We try to use all gained information in our bred. We give them further to the members of the Czech Shetland Pony Club, where we are members, too. We try, in this way, to elevate the quality of the bred in our country. Our bred of the shetland ponies in the stud Permoník is based on stallions and mares, which have been imported from Great Britain, Holland and Germany. Our Ponies have the best present blood from Kerswell up to Ron of North Wells, Vorden Picea, Parlington Pimpernell and New Park Chieftain, which was evaluated in the year 2005 as the best mini shetland sire in Great Britain.

We prefer, in our stud, ponies with the withers height 80 - 85 cm with typical characters of original Shetland ponies with well-balanced proportions of the extremities to the body, without any sign of dwarfish growth (dwarfism). We try to breed ponies with productive and spacious action and calm and peaceable character. Such Sheties are excellent riding ponies for children. They can be used for harnessing and as fellows for children and adults, too. They are long-lived and have practically no requirement for fodder and stable. Simply: There isn´t any better pony as Shetland pony!